Welcome Back Warmer Temps!

Welcome Back Warmer Temps!

We love summertime! 

And there is nothing better than celebrating longer days and evenings on the porch with friends and family. While most see summer as a time to break-out new projects, explore, and earn some tan lines, staying prepared and safe are key factors in keeping the good times rolling! 

Many experts claim that more accidents happen on summer nights than in the cold of winter due to lack of planning. So this summer, here are some key tips to enjoying the world around you for many years to come! 

The MOST IMPORTANT Safety Tip of 2022


While not the easiest tip to manage, it is important to remember that our bodies are 73% water. To stay in tip-top, conquer the world condition, it is important to keep the fluid flowing. The cognitive benefits alone will ensure that you and your family have the epic summer season you’ve been looking forward to all year long! 

Other Summer Safety Tips

  • Update the emergency weather kit in your home and car

  • Learn CPR

  • Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

  • Wear sunscreen daily

  • Use insect repellent

  • Swim Smart

  • Boat Safely

  • Practice Firework Safety

  • Pay attention to sun exposure

  • Do not ignore thunder (weather warnings)

  • Position your grill away from the side of your home

  • Pay attention the how heat exposure affects daily stress levels

  • Pay attention to your feet and wear the proper gear

  • Know and avoid poisonous plants

Summer is an invigorating time of year! Following these simple safety tips can help you experience your summer to the max. 

Now! Have Fun and Stay Safe and be sure to keep your water bottles ready!


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